Daydream (sold)

Secret garden (sold)

open up (prints available)

insecta (sold)

trapped heart (sold)

personal saint (prints available)

Eclipse (prints available)

Eclipse (detail)

love magic (prints available)

black magic (print available)

deep is a feeling (sold)

deep is a feeling (detail)

doe deer (sold)

luv u (sold)

Blush (sold)

Alice; drowning (print available)

my Leda (print available)

in disguise (sold)

light sadness (print available)

swan lake (print available)

letting go (print available)

girl with chameleon (print available)

Alexandra and Romeo (print available)

hunter’s dream (print available)

Grief (print available through

madre (print available through

desolation (print available through )

Stella (print available)

Hollis (print available)

Iiralina (print available)

solitude (sold)

insomnium (print available)

mist and powder (sold)